Wioletta Ruchala


Wioletta is a Polish-born artist based in England and Malta. She’s been painting all her life, although for the last eleven years, she has been dedicating more and more time to maturing this passion of hers and giving us mesmerising pieces of art in the process.

The naked figure is a recurring topic in Wioletta’s works. Armed with brush and acrylic, Wioletta sets about taking snapshots of a wondrous world where the fantastical is harmoniously merged with beautiful human bodies and faces.

Sensual but never vulgar, Wioletta wonderfully depicts the body as a purely asthetic, natural expression of beauty. In this regard, she frequently melds it with other elements from nature, such as intricately studied butterflies, leaves, water drops, horses and pea-cocks.

Each new piece of art actually feels new. Something which is very much needed in this constantly re-mixed world we live in.

Become more familiar with Wioletta’s work by finding her on fb: https://www.facebook.com/wioletta.ruchala