Next To Me

She smiles and I know
There’s no place like home
She shelters me wherever I choose to roam
Now we’re down to two, it’s how we’ll always be
I may be put aside but
She’ll always be right next to me

And she gives me all
She has to give
She is all the reason I have to live
By tears I was trapped, but her smile’s set me free
I’m not scared of the night for
She’ll always be right next to me

I have stopped dreaming dreams
That die with the night
And I’m blessed I can live
A life that is right
And my life’s in her eyes and it’s all that I see
And my future shines bright cos
She’ll always be right next to me

One’s Floor

They made love on a bright morning drenched in fiction
She didn’t know his real name
She was perfect but she breathed by the notion
That he loved her soul the same

And when he asked for her sweet love
She thought that he was the one

He couldn’t make it on the day although he promised
He never saw his little boy
Though it killed her she still liked him as an artist
No one wanted to employ

Thirteen hours turned her old
Though her life has just begun

She thought she wrote her own ledger
She thought she made all the rules
Could take time to discover she was
Only a pawn in his games, there to lose

Now she hears that he’s a little girl’s father
And he has found the perfect wife
She can’t take that he belongs to someone other
She can only take her life

And so it goes, each human knows
Each night betrays the sun
Now one’s floor is nothing other than one’s ceiling
And it takes one to know one
Yes one’s floor is nothing other than one’s ceiling
And it takes one to know one

Another Day

I washed the morning from my eyes
While my coffee I let grow cold
Thought about the dream I bought
Even though it wasn’t sold

I looked into the foggy skies
And I saw nothing but her face
Nothing can get her off my mind
And no one else can take her place

I made my way along the road
A-driftin’ through a shroud of rain
I lost my only source of light
In darkness say, what is there to gain?

I don’t know why I strain to care
I’m bending double to stand straight
I see no reason left to love
And there’s no sense in mutual hate

And I’ll live through another day
And exist through another night
It doesn’t matter what I say
And I don’t want another fight

Circus clowns and phony smiles
Get me through another day
I’ve yet to walk a million miles
Coffee cold, I threw away

Desert Sun

Jesus was a real good guy
Much more into lovin’ than I
I looked in my mirror and
Why did I shiver
It’s just a mirror
But there’s me inside
What reflects there is something I wish
I had ways to alter or hide

Don’t know what’s come over me
Can’t take it in that it’s me
And my journey’s only just begun
Desert sun, desert sun

When I think of the days long gone by
Heavy wings never learnt how to fly
We walked on the thin line
We smiled at the sunshine
The vibes were all sublime
World rocked as it rolled
But today seems to me it’s hard to catch up
With your youth when you’re old

Don’t know what’s controlling me
I was once happy and free
Sharpest bend and endless space to run
This desert sun, desert sun…

I’m asking why
Why don’t we rest here tonight, soakin in moonbeams blue?
Tell me why
Why can’t your dreams be my dreams, let me dream a dream of you?
Jesus was a flesh and blood man
And I’m rustin’ like an old pepsi can
This world will be ending
Old men will be bending
The world will be ending the way it began

All the contrasting shades that we use
To express what is filling our mind
Will soon drive us color blind
Why drink water when I’ve nowhere to run
From desert sun, desert sun

A Most Confusing Girl

She was a most confusing girl
She never spoke a single word that could be heard
In our world
She had no name and she had no life
And nobody wanted her for his wife
It was a shame, so pretty and young
She never smiled, she never laughed
It was a game she couldn’t win
By dealing with the pain within
Where to begin?
She disappeared one winter morn
And not a trace of where she’s gone to
And not a clue of what she’d done
But people say, perhaps she’s gone to find some time
Somewhere with someone

They think of her each day
But the only thing they say
Is wasn’t she a most confusing girl


I’m flying, trying hard to find my way
Been praying to see night turn to day
Sometimes I feel like I’m falling
Not steering straight, it’s getting late

I’m flying without no direction home

Lead wings growing heavier each day
And I guess, I should rest
But I cannot stop
I’m flying

At night I look for the shelter of my tree
But it ain’t where it was anymore
Must have passed it by with all my flying

Won’t this flying ever cease
I’m flying and dreaming of peace
Like the smile of a friend, things heaven sent

I’m flying, trying hard to make my way
To colors in an ocean of grey
And though I’m so sore, I’ve a whole lot more
Flying to do

I’m flying

Better Than Me

Chilly breeze is numbing up my face
And my world is such a crazy place
Sky is cloudy sun is crawling down
Not much work for a redundant clown
I know there’s much more that I could do
If I could only get my mind off you
I’m sure I could be better than me

Feel like smiling and that’s always good
I’m not the type to go round touchin wood
Life is beautiful, or so they say
I’m tryin hard to see that side today
And if everything remains the same
If I could only say I lost this game
I’m sure I could be better than me

Life is funny the way it turns out
Barely whimperin’ though I planned to shout
I don’t really need to make no noise
I myself have grown to hate my voice
Life could be so sweet, you know it’s true
‘nd I’m still prayin to get over you
I’m sure I could be better than me

A Tear That Couldn’t Die

It took life from my eye, the tear that couldn’t die
You know it couldn’t lie, it couldn’t lie to you
It ran along my face and filled an empty space
It rolled and left a trace, a feeling oh so true

It was a tear of joy that nothing could destroy
I was a lonely boy inside this box of chrome
Just like a shining light, a fire burning bright
Nothing could be so right, the glory that was Rome

It grew inside these arms, a hug that soothes, disarms
Protected from all harm, I’ve never felt so sure
It grew inside my soul, and made you my one goal
Emerging from this hole, to something whole and pure

It was a tear of love sent to me from above
Of which I can’t get enough that made me live my poem
It took me to the end and made me backwards bend
I saw you as my friend, and you are where I’m from
The glory that was Rome

I’m happy I’m alive and until I arrive
I’ll make sure I’ll survive, until I come back home
It may be a bumpy ride, but now my pride has died, you’re all I have inside
And you’re my home sweet home
Not the glory that was Rome

In Flames

I look for nothings in flames that warm my abode
They whisper nothings I’d never have been told
I search for reason where it can never be
I thirst for pleasure that numbs the likes of me
So won’t you set me free, my broken body?

I’ve always justified my each and every fix
Keep on turning to the same familiar tricks
The shoes I sleep in don’t fit my waking role
Each day a new way to lose this tarnished soul
So won’t you set me free, my broken body?

Chaos Reigns

Towards a new world order
We march in true discord
Giving praise and worship
To a rainbow-colored Lord

As unified in gender
As unified in pain
As unified we’re marching blind
Giving happiness free reign

See the truth, it takes a second seat to what is right
Political correctness– walk us through our tragic night

You’ll unify our leaders
And simplify our rules
And legislate on love and hate
You’ll liberate us fools

Well Well Well

Well I caught the scent of something
Between the drops of rain
But I never formed the picture
And it never came again
And if I didn’t live for my desire
Tell me, where would I be?
Would I clearly see your colour
Would I truly be that free?
Well I had a dream of somewhere
That I thought I sometime knew
But my feet, they never took me there
It’s futile to pursue
And if I never blew my brain on smoke
In what state would it be?
Would it know good souls from enemies
Could it really set me free?
Well my mom thought I was handsome
And my father thought I’m smart
I was born full of confusion
And I still don’t know where to start
For if I never spent my years in doubt
Tell me, what of my soul?
If I never scaled the depths within
This deep bottomless hole
But if I had never been there
I wouldn’t have known grace
If I never needed prayer
If I had a lucky face
And if I kept in mind that dust I am
And dust I shall become
I’d have made much simpler choices
I’d have figured out the sum
To my mother I’m still handsome
But nobody think’s I’m smart
I struggle with temptation
And questions of the heart

The Camper

Well, the Camper was cooking
His pig on a spit
The skin flaking off
The eyes hollow pits
And his son nearby fishing
His feet in a brook
When the sky set alight
And the earth quaked and shook
Well the minnow, it shivered and jumped off the hook
The pig’s hooves, they quivered and that’s all it took
And it’s nostrils smoked breath
To the camper it spoke
“What did I do to you?
Could you please let me walk?”
Now the Camper was shocked, he was taken aback
And the head on the spit he intended to hack
He was set in his ways
As he’d been all his days
But the pig told him “Wait,
For it isn’t too late!”
In the meantime, the son, he dived into the brook

In search of the fish that had escaped the hook
And the brook became wide
And many leagues deep
He fell in too fast
And he sank into sleep
Now the Camper’s exclaiming, “If you’re just a pig
Explain your complaining, what’s up with this jig?
Some devilish spell to make me confused?
I’m rather amused
You’re useless and bruised”
“Suit yourself,” said the pig, “but these words you should heed
For if I too should prick you, will you not bleed?
Or roast you into my everyday meal
Would you not squeal?
Could your pain ever heal?”
Now the son saw the minnow, its lips they were torn
Its eyes dead as night, its essence forlorn
And it leaked its remains of spirit and blood
And it rose to the sky
Yes it floated on high
And he looked all around him
The temples of folk
Who never did murder
And who never spoke
They floated above him
And he in despair
Left gasping for air
But his feet remained there
Now the pig and the Camper, though try as they might
Could not recognize each other’s plight
But the pig was in pain
And the Camper was blind
And he couldn’t decide
If God was on his side
“Where’s your son,” asked the pig, in one last attempt
To muster up courage against this contempt
“Has he gone, did he leave you to conquer alone
To sigh and to groan
All tendon and bone?”
“That’s enough,” said the Camper, as he stuck his knife
Into its brains, thus taking its life
But its mouth wouldn’t cease, nor the tease of its tongue
And he looked for his boy
So fair and so young
Well the sun melted down into shadows of pain
And the Camper, he swore in his anger and shame
And he cursed his own name
As he rifled in vain
Through water and stone
And tendon and bone