Photo Restoration Services

I’ve been offering photo retouching and restoration services since 2012. Generally, the process includes restoring lost details on damaged photos, repairing torn or ripped photos and healing wounds such as scratches, grime, water damage and other blemishes.

Oh, and sometimes dipping shadowy monochrome snapshots into a wonderful world of colour!

You can enjoy some before/after work of mine on this page – Old Photography Repair

In a time before Instagram and the Selfie

Today we naturally take the act of photography and portrature for granted. But there was a time when smartphones weren’t around and the concept of the selfie was unheard of. A photograph of yourself was a luxury – and it wasn’t cheap.

Each old photograph contains a life of it’s own. A memory, an instant in time stored forever on a small piece of cardboard – an instant in time which is found only in that photograph. Here at we’re very concious of this aspect to photography – the individuality of each snapshot. We believe that the value of an old photograph can’t really be surmised, even more so when the person in the picture is no longer with us. That is why each restoration project is given its’ due dedication.

No one photo restoration and another are the same. We’re proud to say we’re devoted to produce the best version possible of each particular photograph.

What started out as a simple photo snapped in my grandmother’s living room in the late 1960s turned out to be the only physical indication of what my great-grandparents, who I never got to meet, looked like.

I ask myself one question and one question only before commencing work on a restoration project:

How would s/he want to be remembered?

And do my best to be faithful to what I believe, would be the answer.

Our Services

  • Colourizing: We give colour to photos which were originally b/w, sepia or heavily tinted in some other colour…
  • Water damage repair: we remove damage by mould, spots, humidity…
  • Restore faded photographs – by time, old prints tend to loose their lustre and start fading. We’ll do our best to restore them to their former glory. Even when it seems too late.
  • Amending many types of flaws – scratches, pen marks, tears, pin holes…
  • Red eye touching – common but irritating. Especially to the eyes.
  • Photo enhancing & manipulation – Alterations to items, backgrounds, face swapping, adding people to images…

While in the years gone by photograph restoration entailed restoring and working on the actual original photograph, today all this work is done digitally. So after the restoration is done, the original photograph will be returned to you intact.

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